Hey Jay, as promised, here are the foto’s I managed to find of Circuit Carole in Paris and also a few of Croix.





and more





more still.





and there’s more.




Sweet pics mate!

Yep, nice picks.

Don’t suppose you can give me a run down of Croix and bits to watch can you? Got to race there at the end of May.

Another very nice track in France but across the other side is Folembray. I have some vid from there that I will sort out when I have time.

Good pics Guy, though there doesn’t seem to be much run-off?

Chuffster; it’s bumpy, small, tight and gets slippery when wet, as I know all too well. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, I only got in three sessions before getting cocky and started getting my knee down in the rain with supercorsa tyres and then the next lap they gave up and let me watch my bike flip through the air as she hit the kerb.

Top weekend really.

Croix is a luvly little trak that will suit your SV.

Only place that will catch you out I reckon is the double apex right hander (bottom left of pick) after the 180 left hander.(dead centre of pic) If you get your entry speed wrong to the left hander, IE too fast, then it puts you at huge risk of overcookin the right hander. There is not enough run off space on this one so you may well do what I did and hit the wall. Ouch!

I think length wise, it’s 1.2 mile, so you learn very quick. You should get some nice power slides just after the bridge. (which you will be convinced will take your head off first few times thru)

The little hairpin (top of pic) is a goodun, get some nice wheelies coming out down the straight.

You just have to go there and enjoy. I think it’s a great little trak. Have got some onbike digicam footage, (quite a lot actually) will try get a bit posted up for you. Be patient tho as will take me a while to get sorted.



Cheers for the info, vid action will be good so i can get an idea of what its like. Sorry to hear you hit the wall! Don’t they put anything infront of it? I take it that you ride the circuit clockwise?

Puppy, I think the one you’re talking about is the one I stacked it on…

Yeah, clockwise is right.

yeah same corner Jay, but I ended up firing over the handlebars and over the wall and getting concussion. Talked bollx for a couple of hours (no change there then).

Trouble is, if you banked right over, with everything scraping the deck so’s you can’t turn any more, such as I did. Then you is bolloxed, as the rumble strip ended half way round the bend. You got two choices. 1, low side into the grass. 2, try save and join the trak further round the corner. I opted for no2, which didn’t work. But then I aint a racer, n just a novice trackie really.