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I’m baaaccck

Set off on Friday 9th June for Dover, destination Draguignan, near Nice in the sunny south of France, the intention being to ride the famous N85, Route Napolean, and hopefully whilst in the South of France we would also get the opportunity to ride some of the (in)famous Col’s . Full report & video’s etc to follow

wow! What a trip??? I’m so jelous! Can’t wait to see and read more about it!

bit of a preview…

Looks great Gus, look forward to the report!

Superb, now am really jealous. I recognise the route but couldn’t find the monument on my trip. Whereabouts is it?

Am gonna do this trip next year again last week june/first week july.

the monument is at Gap i believe…

Oh and not all of that is route napolean… got hours of tape to go through to work out what’s what…

Maidstone Services



A Café!

Topping up the overheating pan…


Reading the map… Dijon

Another Café Jimbo studying the map… AGAIN!

Jimbo Auditions for the Village people, just needs to master the “M” “C” & “A”

Me on Lake Monster watch!

Route Napolean Monument at Gap

Lost Again in shorts & Sidi’s St Maxime…

Me trying to look cool but actually looking very camp

My trusty Steed

Fixing the Pan… Again… Just outside Grenoble…

Top of a Col… name escapes me, but about 1800 metres altitude


Me & Wivvy’s Dad

Lost takes a nap…!


Arrival of the Gestapo


Gorge de Verdon…

What a great road…

And I get Baulked ffs…

Thumbs up


Great pics biggus, you seemed to have a wonderful time… I am glad the weather held for you I know you were worried when we went to see Chuffs in France and it was persisting it down… Why do you insist tho on showing pics of you all doing the bird??? Must be a man thing!!!

“Why do you insist tho on showing pics of you all doing the bird???”

Didn’t think I posted that one… damn fine filly… oops you didn’t mean that kind of bird…