French registered vehicles

Anyone know on here whether its possible to get details of French vehicle owners from their car reg plates?

I had a slight altercation with a French man in an Italian car park where he’s caused a small amount of damage to the bike when it was parked.

I’d like to write him a strongly worded letter! I won’t be involving insurers as it’s such a small thing.


This sounds like a job for Liam Neeson! I believe he has a certain set of skills for this type of task…

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I’d really like to pay him a visit for being such a t__t.

I’ve already used my complete vocabulary on him…! Even the words I keep back for special occasions.

It was a small thing but he was such an arse and a useless driver, couldn’t get out of his parking place despite loads of room…the bike alarm went off when he tried to move it/ nudge it with his car…when I arrived a bit angry he jumped into his stuck car with his family and wouldnt get out again! We had quite an audience before he went off swiping his chin in that French way!

Having lived in Paris that is standard French driving for getting in and out of tight spaces.
Why else would they call them bumpers when I questioned it.


Unlikely. You would need to contact the police / DVLA equivalent and give reasons. They may say they will only release to your insurer.

Don’t think DVLA would release details to private individuals.


DVLA will release details to private individuals providing they can demonstrate good reason, how you do that I have no clue.

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In the rest of France they call it “Parisian parking” with a wry grin.

I’m in France now and because my car has a (self-inflicted) parking scrape which I’ve been meaning to get fixed, parking scuffs are on my mind at the moment, I notice every French car, new or old, has similar parking scuffs.



I remember when in Houlgate watching a french woman trying to park her car outside the hotel, she manoeuvred back and forth a dozen or more times, each time bumping the car in front and then the car behind. Unsuccessful in her attempts to parallel park she moved to the other side of the road and repeated the bumping before moving on, I guess to another street, happily she was never anywhere near our car.


There was a documentary on the French driving I saw not to long ago, link below if you wanted to watch it.

They cover the parking aspect in it also.

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I hear the frustration

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Like most of us, I baby the bike in terms of condition so I don’t want anyone else to do any damage. However I do use it and expect a few dings along the way, prefer it was me who did it.

Yesterday we woke overlooking the sea at Amalfi and had dinner in Firenze, 550kms later. 38 degrees all afternoon. That’s what its all about.


If parking on a flat road it’s best to leave the handbrake off to keep damage to the minimum lol

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