"One day there was an almost empty train trundling along with just four people left on it. There was an Englishman, a Frenchman, an Elderly Lady and a Stunning Blonde. All of a sudden the train goes through a pitch black tunnel, and whilst in the tunnel there’s a loud slapping noise.

Once the train comes out of the tunnel, they all realise that the Frenchman was the victim as he’s got a red mark on his face and he’s holding his cheek.

The Old Lady’s thinking “I bet the Englishman groped the Blonde and she slapped him!”

The Blonde’s thinking “I bet the Frenchman groped the old Lady thinking it was me!”

The Frenchman’s thinking " I bet the old lady tried to grope the Englishman and he thought it was me"!

And the Englishman’s thinking “I hope there’s another tunnel soon, so i can slap that smug Frenchman again”!

nice one paul