French bikecops practise drive-by shooting


Will have to find out if Mister Smooth is trained to do that:w00t:

Don’t give him ideas, Ginger is currently only in danger of a light tazering which he’d probably survive :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

U.K. cops do a similar drill.

The target is a modified figure 11 that carries a table leg.

I found it much more entertaining when we used to practice our anti-ambush skills in cars. :smiley:

Especially when you were the first on the range that day, as you had nice fresh window’s to blow out! :stuck_out_tongue:

You wouldn’t believe the grin factor when you do this stuff. Not much comes close! :wink:

:pinch: @ Pete’s table leg comment

Missed the table leg comment first time round! :pinch: :rolleyes:

Raises the stakes for the rider to avoid potholes in the pillion drill, especially considering where his mate keeps the pistol after firing it… bump, Bang, OUCH! :crying: