FreeBird The Movie! Just Seen First Screening All Your Bikes look Great!

Hi All,

Its been a while since I’ve been on LB looks great,been busy rebuilding Bullet Motorcycles.
Hopefully by the spring it will be a done, in the mean time if your passing and you need a place to stop and warm up over the winter feel free.

Freebird The Movie; I attended the first screening last nite at Charlotte St. Hotel The Producers Send there thanks and regards to all that took part.

The film is not bad its funny in a Little Briton sort of way the tag line is:

When a Trip Turns In To a Journey!

There are cool scenes of the Ace Cafe, Stunts by Sparky & Taraq some fab shots of our bikes in the woods including 3 mvs and some of us are on srceen for the whole world to see, scary or wat?

I have a programme which I will bring tonight to the meet, and perhaps someone can write a real article on it.

See you all there.



Quality Vin…I,ll take a shot at it for you mate !

Hi Vinnie Did you get another bike sorted?

Sounds cool Vinnie, look forward to seeing you tonight mate…

See you there Jay.

when is that freebird movie out on dvd vinnie matey?.


As far as I know next June.



thank you.

Hiya Vinny,

come and catch FREEBIRD this weekend at the Empire cinema Leicester Sq London.

The films changed quite a bit since you saw the rough cut at the Charlotte street Hotel.

We sold out last weekend, but this most independent of british movies still needs support.

Met a lot of people at the Imperial Pub (leicester Place) virtually a few yards around the corner

and adjoined to the same block of buildings as the cinema.

People will start to meet there again from 9.30 onwards.

You can book online at

Kind regards

Jon Ivay