"Freebird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd

…playing in front of a stadium audience that appears to consist almost entirely of gorgeous young girlies :hehe: :cool:

Very sad to think that just four months after this footage was shot, they were in a plane crash that killed the lead singer, one of the lead guitarists (the one with the beard and white top, to the left) and his sister who was a backing singer, as well as the assistant road manager and both pilots, and seriously injured other band members.

well it just shows that women have a good taste in music :stuck_out_tongue: that camera person must’ve definitely been a guy :smiley: plus back in those days guys had long hair too so i suppose it’s hard to tell who’s who when camera is showing loads of people and zoomed out… :smiley:

brilliant footage :slight_smile: i’m probably repeating myself, but Ronnie Van Zant can never be replaced by his brother, and since that plane crash band has never sounded like it used to

Definitely let me know if you can get your hands onto Lynyrd Skynyrd movie :slight_smile:

Thanks Anna; will do :cool: