Free White Thing

This may or may not be bike related.

It depends whether or not you already have one… and what you want to do with it.

What it is, is a cooker

You might want to cook on it, you might want to cook in it, you might want to grill summat.

You might wanna get Ali’s great big buns busy with it.

Or you might want to bake some engine paint with it, or heat up some crank cases, or just experiment with animals.

Its an electric cooker with ceramic hotplate top part. Its got 2 doors on the front

Its in my garage and wants out

So come and get it, its going FREEEEEEEEE

Sorry I cannot offer a delivery service, this isnt Argos.

AEG competence . Looks a bit like this … , well its white anyway.

If you struggle mate, Freecycle has a Kingston group - will go in minutes…