free video downloads

found these sites & have downloaded all the latest film, even the one that havent been released may have trouble with them from time to time but they do work. let the films run then it will automaticly save in the divx folder. these are very good quality & they work. ive noticed that they work in the morning, after about 1pm they seem to not download. keep checking though, ive downloaded most of them. good for oldies , in abit of a pickle at the mo due to copyrights. good for all clips, bikes, music sport, the lot

yeah, i have no idea how joox manages to stay open

must be registered to an lickle island somewhere the lawyers cant prosecute or something

A few words of caution…

As stated re the small-island approach for basing sites such as this to avoid legal complications, what has happened since is that ISPs have to supply a list of all users accessing such sites with usage stats, such that it can be determined just how much copyright has been infringed. This came into being back in 2005 when I still worked for a major UK ISP and we even had internal notifications that any employees appearing on the list would be dealt with up to and including dismissal!!!

So far in terms of music downloads and sharing, a number of UK domestic users have faced some heavy fines (£thousands) for such activity with many simply being parents unaware that their kids were rinsing these sites for as much as they could get their hands on…

Further to this, the latest developments show that Illegal downloaders ‘face UK ban’