Free: Used Arai Quantum F helmet/Swift motorcycle boots/used gloves

I was going to give these away to a charity shop or something.

They are all perfectly useable -

Black Arai Quantum F helmet - has a number of visors (iridium + clear) but needs a new D lock. Medium. Never been crashed.

Swift motorcycle waterproof boots. Plenty of grip left and clean. Size 9.

If anyone wants them or a number of used motorcycle gloves - I’m got quite a few (all size medium ~ 8.5 to 9) used, but usable. Spidi waterproof ones as well as some other brands.

They aren’t new so please don’t expect them to be pristine. Free if anyone wants them although will have to collect during the weekend before I move.


Helmet gone …

Boots/gloves …almost gone…

dammit, the visors gone too?

Errr…I had about 4 or 5 visors - tinted, clear and dark black. You could ask the guy who picked them up to spare you one :slight_smile:

Also got a pair of Draggin’ Jeans size 30" waist, about 32" length if anyone’s interested. Only ever used them for 3 weeks and then washed them, only to find the colour had faded. They’re in never-crashed excellent condition.

Free to any LB’ers. Anyone else can pay for them!