Free: Unused Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses; -3.75 and -3.00 6 months supply

I’m going in for laser corrective surgery later on today but have a 6 months supply of Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses still.

The details are:

-3.75, BC 8.6 DIA 13.8

-3.00, BC 8.6 DIA 13.8

They are unopened so first to PM me and I’ll pop them in the post for you.

Well done! Best thing I ever done.
Who you going with?

Thanks!!  It’s this time of the year that is worst… given my hayfever allergy, I feel like I have grit in my eyes when wearing contacts!  Been putting it off for years now.

Dr Julian Stevens at Moorfields off a recommendation from a friend.

All the best. Thread made me think of using used contacts…

Haha no, they are still sealed in their box (which is also still sealed).  So they are exactly how you would receive them from a shop.

Wow Moorefields that’s the best for eyes in Europe apparently

Hope so!!  If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, it’s probably because I’m blind :slight_smile:

please keep me posted on how it goes etc as I’ve been considering this as well!

How much are you paying?

Hope so!!  If you don't hear from me in the next few days, it's probably because I'm blind :) ShaunC
Now i'm confused.... hearing or seeing... (joking).... Hope everything goes well !!

It’s costing me about £4.5k but at least I can spread the cost over 18 months interest free.  I know there are others doing it cheaper.   I did get another quote from a surgeon recommended by an optometrist but that was also around the same money.

I hear moorefields is pretty good; my friend had rather serious eye surgery there. Hope all goes well :slight_smile: and your eyes are def not the things to cheap out on!

rather pay more money and have a proper job from a reputable place then go for a cheaper option. 

Best thing I ever did in 1996. Good luck hope all goes well

Like strippers

Thanks for the well wishes!

It all went well. A bit teary last night but had some pain killer drops that sorted that out. The procedure itself is very fast and painless. Much much less so than even a clean at the dentist - though it had the same feel to it once sat/laid down on the chair. Going for my review this morning and hopefully all clear to drive/ride again!

Well done. Is it that quick these days?
I had to wait for the scars to heal before my vision stabilized

I think it depends on the procedure… I had intraLasik so they basically put lots of tiny holes into the top layer and that gets lifted and then put back in place after. The one where they scrape the cells away takes a lot longer.
My vision isn’t 100 pct but it’s similar to being really drunk and the eye muscles relaxes. Lucky I’m experienced :wink: Everything is sharp even at distance but just a slight glow around things. 

So they didn’t fire a later bolt through your head and out the back. Lucky for you eh?