Free Track Day - As Long As Your Bike Has Metzeler Tyres

Nice one not often you get somit for nothing all booked :D:D:D

Nice one dude, all booked up many thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Top man Mark cheers for the heads up Si :slight_smile:

Wanted to thank you Mark for this as I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. I’m signed up.

booked. but in novice group. inters and fast are fully booked. :(:(:frowning: just av to try and get bumped up on the day.

Funny how all these closet Metzeler users are coming out of the woodwork;):smiley:

when was the last time you changed your tires on your srad m8???

Funnily enough last week, changed from Racetecs to SuperCorsas:P

Ask me another;):smiley:

Good news chunks, I also heard the rubber goes off after about 10 years:D

Yeah your missus told me that;) You got another year to use the last of that pack of three up mate;):smiley:

I have a 1 year old chap, wont get through a 3 pack between now and the end of the year:D

Now, back to your srad…

Frogga my motor is being rebuilt if im not going to make it you can have my place in fast.Closet Metzeler user, i have a set of every make just for these type of things :smiley:

Good idea mate:cool:

Thats better:P:D

No worries! I’m waiting for the free Michellin track day :hehe:

there are loads of places on it available still for inters and advanced on the above link.

I booked, then realised I’m racing at cadwell…so…enjoy!!

no advanced left, but novice will do me, for 3 sessions

had a great day nice to see elad and frogga having fun in the garage click on the link

and good to see you there collet21:cool:thought this guy was trying to nick the stickers on my fairing as i enterd druids:w00t:

:pinch: that is fugging close si!!:w00t:

hahaha i see frogag still hasnt grown up! lol Elad…was yoiu shagging si’s bike!:smiley: