free to good home - bandit rear hugger / sv 650 rack arms givi

The bandit rear hugger is to fit older model 97-99 def fits 600, i think it may fit the 1200. It’s dark green and never been fitted

The sv 650 givi rack arms i bought off ebay but they didnt come with the necessary attachments to fit the frame. This pretty much renders them useless unless you already have the 2 little attachments. The arms are in very good condition to fit older model 98-01(?) Alternatively if anyone happens to have these spare i’d be interested in buying them

items are close to old street

if i get a chance to get to you i will hve the hugger m8? for my bike, i have a 1200

sure, let me know if you can collect on an evening / weekend

JP are you living around Old St now? Welcome neighbour :smiley:

Hi,would love to take the hugger off your hands,
Can collect today or any evening this week,
Thanks Dan

pm sent m8.

Forgot you lived round here - close to that texaco no? thats my usual filling up spot now

sorry, looks like you were beaten to it but if for any reason it falls through i’ll let you know thanks

Thanks for the reply,much appreiciated

Hi… was nice meeting you & the puddys… i expressed delivered it to John tonight… lol !! :wink:

he did that too, lol.

cheers for the hugger and cheers bri for getting it for me.

lol courier delivery service. nice to meet you and glad its being put to good use