FREE tickets

Last night at the Ace there was a quiz night which our team came 2nd and beat Sherrie`s team by 3 points.

We got a prize which was 2 books and 2 FREE tickets for the Ace tonight worth £8 each. The tickets are for the House music thing tonight. If you want them let me know and pm me your phone number and if you collect you can have them.

I would just like to add that I too were in the team that beat Sherries Team

I would also like to add that I turned up late and gave Sherrie one out of the two correct answers the Wolfie Bi*ches got

Good work!

yeah and i told ruby waxes team one of the answers was 95 mpph but they put 105 they would have come joint first


I never trust anyone with strange coloured hair Ginge.

we let ya win

Tug you got lost after question 2.

and ruby wax even whent herself??!!! and we yes wait for itbeat them hehe

john i found a pic of you so they can kiss ur feet .xx

alf garnet&ruby wax are in the house



Some say i moan like Alf, but he was a West Ham fan and im Arsenal and i dont have a tash but my hair is going that way.

ok hun is this more u then!!! u did say u didont have a tashxxx



or this one i cant make up my mind i dop hope u dont mind me showing u in ur sunday best.xx



I cant be Mr Magoo as i can see clearly and i cant be Shrek as Ginger has that title already.

no ginge is mr blobby



or could it be



This is Ginge and his mate at a dateing agency, Ginge is the guy on the left.

I thought Ginger was trying to emulate Mr Creosote:

welcome jim to the nutty page!!!