Free Tickets To London Motor Show

Just click the link and follow the instructions :slight_smile:

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What link :stuck_out_tongue:

eh? :wink: cant see a link

Im clicking but I don’t know where to aim? :hehe:

there it is…>>>> bugger missed :slight_smile:]

^^ The above link may work

Done. Thanks! :smiley:

+1 i’ll be gone but i’m sure my dad will love it

Done thanks!

Ta for that. I’ve booked a couple.

Thanks for that. Superb!

are people not just printing off the same tickets here? I printed off some and a mate in work did too and the order number is exactly the same and it says if it had already been scannded then it wouldnt be accepted?

Done and thanks for the link


Cheer’s!!! :smiley:


Ta very much!

good question…


Cheers Abz :slight_smile:

All the bar codes are different, if you use a photo copy only the first bar code is accepted and then it will not accept the same bar code again… member of family makes ticketing systems!

yes! just got 4 tickets to go awesome!!! looking to probably go on my own if anyone wants to meet up on the thursday / friday and with the missus on sunday (saturday we is busy) so if anyone wants to meet up pm me with details