Free ticket BSB 24th & 25th July

I got picked out of the hat in the Two Tyres draw for a pair of tickets but I only need one the spare can be yours if you want it. That’s this weekend PM me if interested, free or swap for a cheeseburger.


No takers? Saturdays more or less missed and it’s likely to rain on Sunday. Some folk feel the rain. Others just get get wet.

If you want the free ticket for Sunday’s racing it may be best to include a telephone contact number in your PM

Taken enjoy your day Jim


I’m really surprised at the lack of interest in this. If Brands was nearer to me these days, I would’ve happily swap you a dodgy burger AND a can of fizzypop for it.

You should have made the effort Janey and dragged Tim along with you, despite the weather forecast we only had two 15 minute spells of very light rain. I thought a £65 weekend ticket for a cheeseburger would have attracted a few replies but it wasn’t to be. Swapped it on the gate for a £5 event programme in the end. Funny thing was one guy in the cash tickets line I offered it to looked at me as if I had two heads and declined, I think he thought it was too good to be true. Then when he saw me hand it over to Jim he said to his pal look that old boy (cheeky sod) actually gave a ticket away! Well words to that effect, I think there was some reference to Bow Locks on the Lea Navigation but I may have misheard that.