Free tent, sleeping bag and bed roll - collect asap

I have some Tesco’s basic camping kit free to collect.

Two man tent,
Sleeping bag.
bed roll.

Please collect from SW15 today as the stuff will be on Freecycle afterwards.

Contact me for directions through the site of on FB - Garret.

Hi I would like these please but not home till Wednesday if thats ok ? ? ?

I’m second on this and can collect whenever if TripleSteve changes his mind.

All gone pending collection tomorrow morning I’m afraid.
I will update the thread though. I’m good like that.

By the way, still got an Almax, leathers and a textile for sale or swapsies WHY :wink:
Might be in need of a satnav hehe.

I’ll have the chain off you. how much and is the lock included? :slight_smile:

All gone, sorry.

Yes, and two keys.
Here -–almax-series-iii-3-1.5m-chain–cisa-padlock

I think that £70 sounds about right. If you would like to sell it at that price then I’m only available in the evening to collect.

Sorry, but as I said, I can’t accept £70 (thank you for the offer though).

Infinity have this for £70:

pm sent. I was looking at the 0.7m chain by accident earlier :rolleyes::pinch: