Free: Tech Books

I’m having a big clear-out at the moment and have some books that I no longer need. They’re mainly Wrox technical books which aren’t cheap at about £40 each, so I thought I’d offer them here to any aspiring web-developers before I chuck them.

The ASP books might be of interest to Terry, or anyone else looking to get into web-development, it’s still a viable platform despite being superceded by, and is much easier to pick up than the successor. The other books are perhaps a little old now, but I thought it best to include them.

The BeOS Bible book is an odd one, it’s not about religion, don’t worry, it’s about an Operating System called BeOS that used to be out in the 90’s. It was a rival to Windows when Windows was crap and kept crashing. I used to do a fair bit of cross-platform work back then see.

Then there’s a Suzuki DR350 workshop book. I bought this when I had a DR 350 (funnily enough) but returned the bike to the shop and kept the book for some reaosn. The bike drove me MAD! It would never start. From that day, I vowed never to own a kick-start bike again.



Any/All of them would be of help to me, I’m a software developer, (but i don’t touch ASP…ick) the ecommerce one might be handy though, are you going to be at any meets this week, as I’m riding back to mancs on Friday

Cheers Mate,


I gave many to Terry. I’m not sure which ones I ahve left, but you’re welcome to them. I’ll try to remember to look tonight and post up, but I won’t bring them until you get to comment on them…