Free Sidi Vertigo boots when purchasing 1 or 2 piece leather suit

Anyone looking to purchase either boots or leathers this month should visit Inifinity Motorcycles, they are giving away free Sidi boots with leathers.

can i then return the leathers? :hehe:

Yup, Really annoying though as I was in on Saturday and bought a leather jacket at full price. They didn’t even tell me that if I waited 2 days there was a 20% sale on the jacket! I know they aren’t obliged to point it out but still a little annoying.

Ah well, life continues and I really like the jacket anyhow…

Have you used them? Can you not return them if you haven’t?

Definitely worth a go :wink:

I’ve worn them on the bike the last few days. No marks but seeing as I rode off wearing the jacket, I think they’d probably know! Ah well… I’ll make sure I ask first next time!