Free Pioneer TS-E170ci 17cm Separate 2-Way Car Speaker System (260W)

I have a set going for free. Manufactures notes are here. A set went on ebay recently for £41 but you can have them for FA.

They’ve been in my car since 20/10/2012, Jesus I’m getting old. They still work fine. They weren’t driven with powerful amplifier just the stock one.

As speakers they are ok, however, if you have a Volvo and have the High Performance or Premium sound system then I refuse to give them to you because the stock speakers sound better than these and you’ll regret installing them.

If the speakers in your car are shot you might fancy these or if you fancy arsing about playing vehicle technician for an afternoon with some essentially disposable speakers then even better. They come with some cheap nasty speaker collars that aren’t as good as stock Volvo ones. Can you tell I’m bitter?

Free or exchange for a bottle of red wine and an angel cake.

Collect from SW7.


Funny enough a guy at work was after something like this and has no cash.

Let me see if he wants them. Obviously if someone here takes hem first saves me the hassle…

Jobby I’ll grab them for my boy’s motor, if their still available?

Yeah sound Frank. Come pick them up whenever. They should sound good if they are properly installed.

Nice one Joby, the standard ones in Cooper s, sound good (must be the acoustics) but those bad boys, will be banging! I’ll give you a shout during the week :+1:t2::ok_hand: