Free Petrol Giveaway Next Week With The Bike Insurer

Good news everyone!

LB has been selected to help promote The Bike Insurer’s promotional campaign which will give you, the everyday London bikers, the chance to score for a free tank of unleaded (but not the poncey Ultra high grade juice though) in the next few days.

This is no prank or joke.

More details will be available on the Bike Insurer’s Facebook page and I’ll be updating this thread when we know more.

What we do know is this: **at a single garage in London one afternoon (5pm onwards) next week there will be a pot of money (thousands I’ve been told) which will be used to pay for bikers’ fuel until it runs out, on a first come first served basis. **

We did ask what the downside is, and all I can see is a) you might be too late and b) you’ll get a promo card from them.

I was assured that no data will be collected (they have more than they know what to do with as it is) and you won’t be hassled with clipboards etc. There should be some promo girls to brighten the afternoon too.

You turn up, you queue, you fill up and ride off.

The exact details will be forthcoming over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.