SO having a clear out.

up for grabs is a PC identical to the link below (other than graphic card)…

No Hard drive in it, but I can supply one if needed… need it gone or it is going to the dump…

Forgot to add the link

If nobody else takes it I’m after an ATX case and I’ve somewhere to keep what’s already in there.

I fancy it. When can I come and pick up.

And do you still want that wireless card?

LOL OMG I cannot believe you still have it, I keep forgetting about it. I think at this stage is probably best I say no… I’m trying to get rid of all the PC’s in my house now as have a couple of laptops.

I’m in Sydenham mate, so let me know when you can make it over

Can shoot over tonight if you are in? Volvoing obviously as its still winter.