-=Free Party - Saturday - LBs invited!=-

Hi all!

Just on the off chance any of you are in the North London area on Saturday from 9.00, Im throwing a prty @ Bar Manjaro, Holloway Road for a mates surprise birthday/shop opening - open invite to all LBs!

Ill be the drunk skinhead making a fool of myself on the decks - mugshot of the j_unit is in the gallery so feel free to swing by and say hello!

Hope to see a few of you there, PM me for more info.



Thanks for the invite! Might do, might do!


Free Party!!! Shame I’m too bloody ill to go!!! Gutted… Thanks for the offer though…

Have you booked you tickets to ours yet?

Bang on for it Foxy, may be in sunny Hungary at the time though! Soon as I get confirmation I’ll hook it up (or not, as the case may be!) ASAP. How long you have to take it easy for?