Free Oxford Rear Paddock Stand

In the spirit of fairness a fellow LBer gave me a fantastic Motex Paddock stand for free so I don’t need this one any more.
It’s exactly the same as this one and has both the hooks and the pads.

As a paddock stand it’s an absolute steaming pile and flexes like a MasterCard. I suppose it’s better than nothing but it’s a close run thing. Might be suitable if you have a 125 or an all carbon bike. Or if you have a MIG welder you could try and make it more rigid.

Collect from SW7. If you fancy an exchange instead of free then some tasty Aldi beer would be great. This stuff tastes fantastic…

Bump, still available, still free.


Pass, I miss read the postcode.

Where are you based? I like to drive.

As I know full well I could pick it up and drop it off I know it will fit on the back of my bike

Bishops stortford lol

I’m sometimes in Angel

Hi is this still up for grabs?
If its in bishop stortford I can pick it up on Sunday if that’s ok

It’s in SW7. You can pick it up Sunday if you fancy it.

This is now sold, one of the neighbours wants it.