Free Optical Express Eye Test

Yes, no strings attached just go onto the web site and book it before 30th June…here

Workers who use computer vdu’s as part of their job, are entitled to free eye tests under HSE regulations.
My old work place had a specific opticians in Victoria st that we had to go to & considering we had over 1000 employees, they did quite well out of it.
I however, found their prices rather expensive & discovered that they couldnt refuse to give you a copy of your prescription, should you wish to go elsewhere.
You should have heard the jumped-up optician complain about having spent years at university, blah, blah, blah.


Franc??? :smiley:

No person in mind, but now that you mention it… and Terry-Moto :smiley:

Well Im not bothered with all that malarky, my optician granted me 20/ 2000 vision which must be good.:) Im sure Julie is gorgeous anyway.

Nice one Rusty, I was just thinking I need to get myself an eye test.