FREE: Nitro off road helmet + Thor goggles

For anyone who wants it, it’s yours as I need to clear up some space… Size is XL condition is good.

Used mainly for Greenlaneing so will have marks from branches but I never came off and landed on it.

Must be a good 7yrs old but for the last 5 has been sitting in a cupboard.

Got both clear and tinted visors for goggles. Though tinted one is a bit manky.

Collect from Haywards Heath (not really London) or I might be able to bring to the City (next to cheese grater building) one day.

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I would liket to try it on ?? When next that way be it on the road or off road… :slight_smile:

Sure just drop me a message when you’re planning to be down this way. :slight_smile:

Sorry folks, now gone