FREE Man Crap

Having done the figures, it’s actually cheaper for me to just give things away, rather than be fleeced by strangers, plus cuts out the middle men, Ebay, paypal and the police (no offence Rusty, your colleagues in Kensington were very helpful). Collect any of the following from SW7. Beer (either on or off site at a Pub), half cans of WD40 and lasagne all graciously accepted.

Item 1: Mitsubishi Roof bars which entitle you to tax exemption.

These came off a 95 Space wagon so will probably fit a Showgun. In order to claim your tax exemption you’ll need a suitable vehicle and a caravan. Finally fit these two bars to the roof and kiss your tax woes goodbye. If they don’t fit your vehicle they can be used to assault people.

Item 2: Sidi and Mr Men Sticker Kit, plus “Think Bike” sticker

Look like an absolute clown with these plastered all over your bike. Alternatively use them to cover up crash damage and sell your bike on.

Item 3: Edimax PCI Wireless Card

Slam this into an old PC and install it in your shed to pass away the lonely evenings, much like Quagmire:

Item 4: (Are we already up to 4). Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

If you are old and you like old things then this could be for you. It has about as much charm as my old CB500. Comes with the users manual if you don’t know how to use a Keyboard.

Item 5: Dell OEM Keyboard

I always used the Natural Keyboard so this one is pretty much unused. These are actually pretty good and no the f****** watch in the picture is not included.

Item 6: Oxford Concise Dictionary 2000.

If your keen for your kids to see what books are before there are none left then this is a must have. Only lightly used. It’s from the early 00s so doesn’t contain words like “unfriend,” or “Social Network.” Plus “tweet” doesn’t make any references to twitter (sh1tter).

Please do not contact me if you are a criminal or a conman. I’m not interested. Anyone else PM and we’ll work something out.

Late Edition. Top Gear Motor Mania book. This book is full of motoring trivia and I’ve actually read it so I’ve no use for it any more.

None taken :slight_smile:

I’ll take the wireless card if that ok, will free up my usb one for something else.

Hmm, less of the man and more of the crap. :slight_smile:

Yeah mate PM and I’ll give you the address. Or I’ll fire it in the post if you send me a couple of quid via paypal. Should install itself, I think I lost the box but if I find that you can have that too.

I’d like the Microsoft Natural keyboard Joby - not because I’m old you understand but because they are so comfy to type on, cost about £60 and I’d like a spare. Will arrange pick-up later, we’re just on the way back from hol.
J x

Yes come by the (new) house and collect it, no worries. I don’t get great reception in my house but I’ll check on here so I’ve an idea when you are arriving. We can have some tea on the roof terrace, ja?

Found the CD for the Wireless card so you should be all set.

The man crap is ready for collection and I’m back from Spain so be in touch peeps.

Hang on a week or two & we may have a radio to swap;)

Excellent. I’ll need the radio in the next 2 weeks though if it’s for the do.

I can hang on to the keyboard till you are ready to collect it, no worries.

I still have all this man crap and it’s still up for grabs. Although I think I’ll keep the dictionary.

Jets I’ll drop the keyboard round at some stage.

Thanks Joby:D Stick it in the Volvo when you come to visit on 8th March;) :smiley:

I’ll take the wifi card and stickers. can you bring them to work?

Sleeper called dibs on the wireless card. Karl do you still want it? Otherwise I can bring it to work for a city exchange.

Sorry Mian, Sleeper still wants the network card. I’ll bring in the Mr Men stickers though.

Does anyone want the roof bars with free tax avoidance?