free(ish) ps2 games

Ive got loads of copied ps2 that i got with my old ps2. There no use to me so if anyone wants them then come and get them. There must be about 60/70 games?

All im asking for is a can or 2 of monster :smiley:


You say copied, does this mean the ps2 has to be chipped or something? I have a ps2 for the kids but as far as I know it’s standard. If they can be played on it, I’ll have the lot.

if bigvern doesn’t want them, ill take em :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll have a divvy up!:wink:

Yes the ps2 needs to be chipped, there not the newest of games but plenty to play and all im after is my daily fix of monster :smiley:


Our one is not chipped so it’s over to Boris methinks! Come and find me next time I’m down the ace or at BM and I’ll stand you a monster all the same. :wink:

No problem, i havnt been ace or bm in a long time but i might just have to get myself down there soonish :smiley:

sorry, got the same problem (i thought it was though :P)


No probs, if anyone else wants them then let me know soonish!

I’d be interested

Where abouts are you?

SM5 - im just down the road from carshalton beeches station.