FREE gazebo

:rofl: only joking
Old member checking back in after a long time. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:
Not done a BCR in years and thinking of putting the Supermoto back on the road this year :sunglasses:no ktm but a parts bin husaberg 570


Gazebogate. Genuinely one of the funniest LB moments ever.

Ginger playing spoons was great too. Someone ahould link that video :slight_smile:

You’re a funny man Mad-Dog

some funny moments for sure :rofl:
Many old members still post on here?

Some.of us still consider ourselves young…

Welcome back MDD

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nice ride … have a ktm 300 with supermoto wheels on it but it only ever goes around angmering (worthing) pitbike track these days to stretch my knees from the pitbike

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Kris do you ever go whilton mill?


Oooo, has someone got a Gazebo? Excellent. :laughing: :laughing:

How you doing mate?

Hey kevsta mate :wave:t2: All good but not used bike nearly two years, life been a bit hectic and bike was always a weekend toy.
You you doing mate? Still seeing spiders :spider::grimacing:

not been to whilton mill (its on the list tho)

…but have been to chaz davies place in Herefordshire and lakeside karting is open tuesday night now !!

Kris what are those track like for size and price. Be interested to go

I thought lakeside only offered pit bikes not full Supermoto

Chaz davies mum n dad’s was cheap £40 for the day (I am a herefordian so its local to family up there ) … have to have a baffle in tho …grippy even in the wet

Angmerring is cheap again £20-30 for the day … run what you bring … its a bit small for the full supermoto and plus kids on pitbikes to navigate but good fun - plus its quiet enough and sometimes its your own personal track

I know supermoto Daz (sells supermoto bits in dorking and top rider) is able to run the full supermoto at Whilton mill as its big enough so will give that a go when the weather is better … i’ve not been but will have a go

I wish I had known about these places when I had my SM… I might not have sold it…

Darren Lee goes whilton mill but a few other mates usually organise the Wednesday evening events there. There is a Facebook group just for whilton mill.
What year/model 300 you got? have a Acerbis tank for the 08-11 if you want longer range
Serrisan when did you get the adv?

2015… But I sold it last summer

I got a good deal on a KTM dummy, to go with my Bugaboo… :confounded:

No bikes for now?

I’ve not used my bike in almost two years and have wondered if to sell but for now I’ll keep until I need to get one of those engineless quad things you got :rofl:

If you thought bikes were expensive, you got another thing coming :rofl:

No bike at the moment. My better half is trying to get me to buy one on the condition it’s relatively new and ideally from a dealer. I can’t justify that much money with the use I’d have for it. Plus everyday I want a different type of bike!

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