Free FS365 at HG

use this voucher to go into any Hein gericke and pick up a free bottle. Nice !

Where did that come from? I’d be surprised if they accept a printout…

Im on the HG mailing list and its from that so claim your free FS365 :slight_smile:

Thanks for that- I’ll give it a go.:slight_smile:

I got one on e-mail as well, but I didn’t have the technical knowledge to post it up, but yes they will take a print out…

Sweet :w00t:

yep they will take it. i already called the Stockwell branch

Thanks a lot markovich, popped into Stockwell and picked up a bottle on my commute home. Doing a full clean this weekend hopefully so should come in nice and handy :slight_smile:

cheers markovich me and my mate got our free bottle from gants hill branch on saturday just before the offer closed another month of corrosion free biking