Free First Aid Course for London Bikers

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My name is Jim Sanderson and I am a Crew Manager with Kent Fire and Rescue Service and one of the Kent Fire Bike Riders. We are running a free First Aid Course for Bikers information about which can be found below. We can run the course for you as a club with a limit of up to 25 spaces per course or you can book individually, just e-mail me at work [email protected] you can find out more about us on facebook just search for Kent Fire Bike or go the KFRS website where we have our own page which includes a video all about Biker Down the free First Aid Course for Bikers.

Biker Down, Biker In Attendance!

The FireBike Team at KFRS has developed a new strategy which we are now rolling out toBikers across the counties of Kent, Sussex and Essex. Read on for moreinformation on the reasoning behind it and the format.

Many bikersride in groups or pairs and it is often the case that when one is involved inan accident the first person in attendance will often be a fellow biker, thecare of a downed rider is uppermost in rider’s minds and many clubs and groupsoften discuss the need for the training of riders in how to deal with a crashedbiker. As you are probably aware injured motorcyclists need to be dealt with ina specific manner by a First Aider due to the mechanics of the type of injuriespossibly incurred and the sensitive issue surrounding helmet removal frominjured bikers.

This FREEcourse is conducted at Ashford Fire Station, titled ‘Biker Down, Biker inAttendance’, it is essentially a ‘First Aid for Bikers Course’, but includesthree modules:


A presentation from a Fire Bike Team member, on scene management andpersonal safety for a biker happening upon an RTC involving a motorcyclist,this covers the individuals initial considerations including their own DRA toassess the most appropriate action to take in order to protect themselves andother road users at the scene, an order of actions and instruction onmanagement of resources available (i.e. other witnesses). Information theyshould gather to assist attending Emergency Service Personnel and possiblelegal obligations.


This module is delivered by qualified Life Support Instructors, from KFRSwho also happen to be members of the British Motorsport Paramedic Team , with Motorcycle First Aid specific, expertise, covering; Trauma and mechanism of injury,Snatch rescues, why when and how, basic lifesupport, CPR, managing spinal injuriesand crash helmet removal, when and how.


To end the session the attendees receive instruction and advice on Conspicuity.The presentation is a fascinating insight into some of the myths about Hi Viz,does it really work and why can’t some drivers see us?

Module 3 is delivered by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills MotorcycleTraining, who is an Advanced Instructor and widely experienced in both ridingand lecturing, a recognised Motorcycling Author and Media Columnist, heregularly leads parties of bikers both in this country and abroad instructingin Advanced Riding and Advanced Theory.

Our aim isto offer this course to all bikers. We feel this will prove to be a highlyvalued service within our minority group of road users, who make up the highestcasualty rates. Find out more on our Facebook page at or e-mail me at [email protected]


CrewManager, Fire Bike Team, Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

Email sent :slight_smile:

Maybe a silly question but is there one in NW London…Top idea by the way.


Great idea Jim, email sent :slight_smile:

The course is run mainly at Ashford Fire Station although I am thinking of one at Dartford Fire Station at some point, FYI I can get from Dartford Fire Station to Ashford Fire Station in 40 Minutes so wherever you are in London we aren’t as far as you might think and what with these lighter ‘Sunny’ (Lol,:smiley: I wish) evenings it’s not a bad ride.:cool:

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Thanks, Amit…

Oh Gawd, just realised I am on Nights tomorrow night and will now be innundated with requests for Biker Down Courses! (love it really, keeps me busy in the small hours) may be worth mentioning London Bikers. com when you e-mail me as I’ll probably try and get you in on the same courses wherever possible.:slight_smile:

Great idea - am very interested. Do you have any specific dates or will you see who has committed first before making the arrangements?



welcome Jim :slight_smile: i attended the first medway biker down evening and can highly recommend this to any biker looking to pick up on some potentially life saving knowledge…and a great FREE first aid kit :wink:

Jim any ideas who i can approach for a more intensive first aid course in kent?

You e-mail me then I send through a date, if you can’t make it you automatically stay at the top of the list and get offered the next one. I have a waiting list of around 80 people and 8-10 Clubs at any one time so I just e-mail the next 25 on the list offer a date and if some can’t make it I just move down the list till 25 spaces are filled. I run two courses a month so you wont have to wait too long.

Hey GP (Guy) I presume ?

Leave it with me and I’ll ask Andy and Andy our First Aid blokes.

yup…that would be great fella cheers

Thank you very much indeed for giving us this great opportunity, Jim. This seems like an essential course for us motorcyclists.

Email sent, on behalf of both myself and my GF, who is also keen to do this.

Hey Jim, thanks for this.

Email sent!

My pleasure guys, the more that do the courses the more chance both you and I have of being looked after by someone with some knowledge should we ever have an ‘off’. The team’s main goal is to offer advice and awareness training to prevent accidents but we also live and work in the real world and accidents do happen, so awareness of how to save a life that is compromised is also important.

Bikers not recieving the proper immediate care in the aftermath of an accident leads to higher Killed and Seriously injured figures, helmets being removed incorrectly lack of awareness of basic stuff like CPR, and C spine management can unfortunately make a bad situation a lot worse! so spread the word and help us to help you! Check out and ‘Like’ the facebook page ‘Kent Fire Bike’ for more info on the courses and other things we are up to, for example do you need a Green Dot Card? If so we now have them to distribute.:slight_smile:

Ah, welcome Jim. You’re presumably the person Guy and me were talking with over on Facebook, or? :slight_smile: (and presumably Jim KFRS on EssexBikers too?)

Having just recently done a “First Aid at work” course, doing this course would be a great addition on top of that. Will email you soon!



That’s me Herr Schmidt,

By the way I forgot to mention, the courses are run on weekday evenings from 7pm - 10pm :smiley:

Would you mind if I showed your original post to my company for our dispatch riders and would there be a possibility of doing something in London if they were interested (Maybe they could be persuaded to pay for it).


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Email sent, fantastic idea! :slight_smile:

Kevin Williams is ace. Done some training with him and he is factual and realistic! Great fellow.