Free cupboard and 2 chests of drawers

Double cupboard and 2 chests. The chests are narrow but tall. Natural timber with the white primed look. It’s Argos stuff.

We have no use for it anymore since we’re moving. Very good condition. The cupboard is dismantled and I can help dismantle the chests if needed.

Collect only from se8.

It’s going in the skip if not taken tonight. Shame really as its in good clean condition.

have you got a picture of them? or a link to it I may be interested.

I can send pics via email but posting pics via lb on the phone is impossible for me :stuck_out_tongue:

If .com doesnt take them can I have one of the chests for my new niece will stick some dosh in the LAA fund in return

I’d be interested in one chest of drawers could you please email me a pic of the cupboard as well as the chest please? I pm you my email addy :smiley:

.com I collecting them today but if there is anything that he doesn’t want then I’ll pass it on to u guys :slight_smile:
Really is as new stuff

They do have some chips of paint off on the work tops so they aren’t in perfect condition but I think they are the Provence Argos range.|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/2|14417894|Bedroom+furniture|14418001/c_3/3|cat_14418001|Chests+of+drawers|14418002/p/1/pp/20/r_001/5|Colour|White|1/s/Relevance.htm

There is a 5+2 and 5 drawer with 5 up the side (I think)! Oh and the wardrobe…