free: Creative Nomad Jukebox + iRiver H5

As far as I know the Creative (my first mp3 player) is still working, but needs new re-chargeable batteries.

The iRiver I’m not sure about. You might get it working with some tinkering, I’ve tried a bit, but to no avail.
I think it’s a firmware thing though.

Can deliver to the Ace or BM for a cup of coffee etc (except this week).

Desperado :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sling your sh*t in the bin Garret, I’ll buy you a cuppa Mate :slight_smile:

But not this week :smiley:

You’re right of course. I’m just too sentimental.

I’d put the scooter up for sale on here, but would someone would buy it just for a laugh and then (try to) go stunting on it and CRUNCH! There goes the other one! :wink: