Free computer stuff, offered here before I bin it

Long shot I know as this stuff is way past its prime but I have the following installed in a standard ATX case. No guarantees any of this works. Last used in February 2012 and I was having reliability issues then - freeze-ups - gave up trying to diagnose it so I just bought a whole new system.

It all gets recycled next Sunday 7 August, unless anyone here wants it. No boxes or protective packaging, collection only from Croydon.

Foxconn 760GXK8MB motherboard

AMD64 3700+ single core processor, about 8 years old

Matched pair of OCZ PC3200 1Gb “platinum edition” memory sticks

XFX ATI HD 4650 600M 1GB DDR2 graphics card - this has the old AGP interface

A DVD rewriter, several years old

The case is a standard beige one, approx 13 years old, unbranded. Lid has a few holes drilled into it and three fans installed - a very messy and amateur job!

PM me if interested - but I strongly recommend against it unless you’re an old-gear enthusiast with patience and who enjoys troubleshooting.

Can I have this ATI card please?