free cbts during october november and £100 off all other full courses

afternoon all were doing free cbts on all 5 day course during october and november and £100 off all other full courses if you already have a cbt.

you will need to have passed the theory test before attending all courses spaces are limited to 2 people per week please call my mobile to check avalibilty 4 places left during october and 5 in november

firstly thanks for the response but please call rather than txt its much easier for me and you i can answer all you questions in 1 go rather than a dozen txtxs.

And yes i do offer short courses if you are an experienced 125 rider but rember if you have only ridden a scooter it may take a day or so to get use to the gears and i do expect you to come to the cbt site for a free lesson on clutch and gears before going out on the road on one of my big bikes