Free Calls Using Your Mobile Phone

Then Put Your Mobile Number in Then Put The Persons Number You Want To Phone. As Simple As That

Goto This Web Address To Get Free Calls On Your Mobile Phone To AnyWhere In The UK!
No Downloads Needed
No Need To Register

I don’t know how you do it but THANK YOU it worked now who shall I call…

bang on!!! as ever

ive just tried it and it works


My dad just read about this on LB and called to tell me about it, now we are both registered and make free calls to eachother… he’s in Greece so that should lower my mobile bills. It works for mobile and landlines.

No catch but limited to 1hr a day, or 5 hours a week or about 1000 mins per month, over that they ask that you use some of their pay services.

What’s The Catch?
There is no catch. You just use Jajah to make your calls. The free service depends on users paying for other Jajah services and it depends on people using JAJAH in a “fair and reasonable” way, as described in our “Fair Use” policy (below).

What’s the JAJAH “Fair Use” Policy ?
The Jajah “Fair Use “ policy asks our users to “play fair” and behave in a manner that best serves our greater calling community. We ask that you limit your free hours to about an hour a day, five hours a week,or about 1.000 minutes per month. If you use it more than that, we ask that you also use some paid JAJAH services such as text messaging (or scheduled calling?) We can only offer the free service if enough people also use some paid services.