Free A1 Posters

These are posters which I have accumulated in the last 10 years. Some are like new and some are a bit shabby. You might want one for the workshop or something. If you want any reply to the thread or send me a PM and you can come round and collect them. As I recall they were all about 4 quid new and it seems a shame to just chuck them all.1. Powerpuff girls, Excellent Quality

  1. Powerpuff girls, excellent Quality

  1. Britney, excellent Quality

  1. Buffy, Excellent Quality

  1. Anna, Fair Quality

  1. Cruel Intensions Movie Poster, Fair Quality

  1. Christina, Fair Quality

  1. Cordelia, Fair Quality

  1. Porsche, Fair Quality (Smaller than A1)

  1. I love Beer, Poor Quality (Some of the pints are initialled with “JB”)

  1. Golden Eye, Poor Quality (Some tares)

  1. Britney, Poor quality, not great colours.

you can tell alot about a person from the posters he/she has…

cournicova and cordillia i get… but

powerpuff girls? seriously?

The Powerpuff girls has 4 layers of humor, break beats and lots of irony. There is more to it than you think.

Expeect the Britney one has four layers of jizz:D

Are these posters spongable?:stuck_out_tongue:

That last one looks like it has had some serious action!