Free: 2012 R1200GS Vario panniers and top-box

When I sold my last GS back to BMW they didn’t take the panniers and don’t want them (I suspect as they’ll want to sell the new owner some new ones). This leaves me with luggage that I can’t use and can’t be bothered to try and sell as they have locks for the old bike key which obviously I don’t have anymore.

I don’t know if the locks can be replaced but if they can it would be a cheap way to get luggage. Note, they don’t come with the top-box mount I’m afraid, that stayed on the bike.

The panniers and top-box have been brilliant, seeing me all over Europe and have not leaked once. They’re the expanding type. In the pics below they’re compact, but easily expand.

Free to anyone that can collect from East London.

have emailed a mate who’s just about to buy a GS

said mate would like them very much. I’ve passed on your gmail address for him to contact you

Thanks Mian, he got in contact yesterday.

Oh, turns out he has a 2014 model which they won’t fit, so they’re still available.

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to be honest, I’d put them on gumtree for £200, someone will snap them up.

wow, a lock set is NOT expensive either.

Yeah I’ve just spoken to BMW as I’m getting luggage for the new bike and they say they can re-do the locks whilst you wait.

I’ll go check they’re not locked currently (would complicate matters a little) and will stick em on eBay. They cost a fortune new (somewhere around a grand) and the new ones need funding so on they go!

Cheers Mian.

if you didnt want them still and they are free id be intrested. need some panniers for my fazer i know its not a bmw but i could rework it to fit like i did with my ntv’s panniers =]




For sale, yup.

Jay, did these ever go. On the look out for some boxes to go on my 12GS.


Do they come with the cat?

No I’ve not listed them on eBay yet! Want to put an offer in?

Sorry Cactus the cat is far too nice to give away.

Could be interested, subject to price.
Just trying to work out how to pm you Jay on this new site set-up.

Hi, do you still have the panniers? Very interested to buy :slight_smile:

Actually I do, I’ve been too busy to list them. £300 seems common sale price on eBay for two piece sets. I’ll do the three piece set for £250 seeing as they’ll need the mounts and new locks if you want them to lock.

Sounds good - done deal. Where are you based? I live near Old Street but I’m away with work at the moment - can I pick them up in a couple of weeks when I’m back? If you want to text or call me to arrange details, my number is 07843 281801.

Cool. I’ll message you.