Free 2 hour introduction to motorcycling course

Hi Guys and Girls
We…Motorcycle Training London
Are running FREE 2 hour taster sessions.

on Saturday 6th April 2013
The session start times are
9am…11.30am and 2.30pm

To book a place on one of the sessions or more info you will neeed to call our office on 0203 542 2944

These courses are for novice riders only.
You can do it on a geared bike or scooter

So if your Partner/Son/Daughter/friend would like to give riding a try (on a large off road training area) to see if its for them. Give us a call :slight_smile:

Theres more info on our facebook page which you get enter via our website.

Word has been spread on my FB.
You are top man doing this!


Does this include if she had a 50cc moped and wants to move onto a 125 geared?

Free course on who’s bike?

Thanx Evil :wink:

Yeh sure, its a taster session, it will give Her an insight to gears :slight_smile:

Its on our bikes, we also supply helmet, jacket and gloves…:.even tea and coffee :slight_smile:

Terry !!! The office is closed, got a chick who could do with a taster x
Ann x

Hi Anne, leave a message on the answer phone, Renne our lovely office girl will call you back tuesday morning.

Tell chick to bring chocolate with her, we luuurve chocolate :wink:

That’s awesome!

What’s the postcode?
Will you be doing these again? As she has recently had surgery and is very keen to get on a bike again… Just cautious at the moment.

postcodes on our website, like us on FB whilst your there please, helps with google search rankings I believe :Whistling:

Yes were be doing this again, we want to put something back into our passion…which is Biking :wink:

Awesome job Tel.

Thank you Andrew :wink:

he’s a good old boy is Tel

Knows a thing or two about riding a motorbike too:D

grand idea Tel:)

Will bring heaps x x x Faaan Cooo

Thank you Mr Rats :slight_smile:

Good to see this is gaining attention!


Ann that sounds soooooo wrong :smiley:

sounded right to me :smiley:

Few spaces left :slight_smile:

You wernt kidding, we got enough to open a sweet shop :cool:

The day went really well, we will be doing another soon :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it went well Terry, sorry I couldnt leave Mrs J in your tender care today, we were on a mission.:) Let us know when the next one is and shes all yours for the day.:smiley: