Freddie Spencer vs. The Car and The Street Bike

I remember reading a rag a few years back that did a track test between a Suzuki GP500 2 stroke bike and a stock GSX-R 1000 K5.The GP bike was putting out more power and was lighter obviously, but it was still slower because the rider (who wasn’t a GP star just a jurno) couldn’t put the power down.Whereas the K5 has a mostly linear power delivery…The GP bike was like an on off switch.They were close though.It’s amazing how powerful production bikes are today compared to GP bikes of (not that many years) old.

nsr500 quick bike even today same as rg500s etc they dont hang about:P

The NSR came after the era we are talking about.

I bet the NS500 didn’t knock out much more than 120bhp which was still massive for that time:cool:

And you’ve got to remember tyre technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last 20 years or so… It must be difficult enough to ride one of those classic 2 stroke 500s now, but they tyres of the era must have made it very ‘interesting’…