Freddie Spencer vs. The Car and The Street Bike

that is too cool

they`ve changed the track a helll of a lot. looked like they racing through a mountin pass.

1984… i was two years old then :slight_smile:

Didn’t realise you were such a young pup…You look older than me :w00t:

Jokes mate :smiley:

i`ve had a very hard life m8 :wink:

Great old vid, not seen that for ages :cool:

Was it on Betamax Afro? :smiley:


That was sweet…back in the good old days…no traction control…not much whining…just line 'em up, bash some fairings along the way…and whoever has the biggest stones wins.

is that bike a 500cc 2-stroke? those bikes were amazingly quick!

Great find Afro:D

Good old “Fast Freddie”:smiley: - The last rider to win two GP world championship in one season.

IIRC that was an NS500 he was riding, a 2 stroke V3 - work that one out;):smiley:

what a gread video, never seen that video… loving the miami vice 'esque music in the background!!! :slight_smile:


What about a MotoGP bike versus todays super-chav neon boom-boxes?

Fantastic find Afro. Loved watching every second of that!

Interesting vid Afro :slight_smile:

I’d like to see that race bike racing aganst a modern road bike, a gixer 750 for example. What would the outcome be then ?

loveing teh 2 stroke…

not much of a fair fight tho i thought!!

anyone seen nial mackenzie v tiff needell? Lambo Gallardo v R1…

of Tiff v Haslam…

good vids have a search on youtube;)

As far as horses I think the Gixxer would beat something like an 80’s GP 500 machine. The thing that was amazing was the sheer brutality in the way the power was delivered.Here’s a picture of the Legend and his machine:DApart from Fast Freddie, anyone remember his other nickname?;):smiley:


Awsome :smiley:

When i was about 10 or 12 I made a model kit of freddy spencer and his GP bike! Took weeks on it and was so proud.


Clue: It has been kind of nicked by Nori Haga:cool:

Love the sound of a 2 stroke, quality vid :smiley:

Very 80’s- lol the Englishmans voice-over Americanising ‘Zed’ to ‘Zee’