Frappr Map

Okay, me again…

Do you guys have a Frappr map with the locations of meets on? People keep mentioning places, I have no idea where they are

Que… sorry mate can you tell me what a Frappr map is? (not bonde just silly okay - been a long old day S) do you have tomtom? we can give you the postcodes if that helps?


Yeah, well, postcodes are best, yes I use TomTom (not rider yet, but using regular TT6 with my earphones in). Frappr is a global map that you can stick ‘pushpins’ in to mark either, where people from the board live or where event locations are and such.

ooooooooh I see

No problem then I will send over the postcodes to you later tonight when ive got access to my tomtom if you like there are a few others that have tomtom, Mattcbf and shewoolf off the top of my head but most people can give you the directions prior to going along - you only have to ask

actually Matt does this new fangled thing that maps out the route and everyone can download it from the net onto the tomtom- pretty nifty stuff and very handy for a ride out… if only i could manage it - my other half uses tomtom One hardwired and i use rider, every single bloody time we use it she goes one way and i go another!

Okay, well if you can send me some postcodes and such, I could make a waypoint pack, which anyone should be able to add to their TomTom I think.

Well, I’m trying to set up a London Bikers Frappr map, but it’s not all that user friendly these days :-/

In the mean time, I’ve found Cubana on TomTom along with Ace Cafe. Are there any other places I should know and add?