Frank Thomas Zarina Textile Ladies Jacket - recommended by Hels

Just purchased this great waterproof gortex textile jacket from Frank Thomas. It is such a great buy and am really happy with it. Recommend it for any ladies looking for a warm, but stylish jacket. Comes with shoulder, elbow and back armour, detachable and warm inner lined jacket, plus a detachable fur collar for cold days (so no more large woolly scarf for me :wink: ). It also has straps on the waist that you can tighten or loosen depending on how many clothes you’re wearing underneath and how many pies you’ve eaten.

Really pleased with this jacket and recommend it for anyone looking for winter kit.

No more white knitted scarf?! Hels, it’s your trademark :smiley:

The other day I wore a pink flowery knitted scarf instead of the white one but had to put it in my handbag I mean ‘biker rucksack’ before going to BM :wink: Anyway now I have got this groovy jacket to replace the old battered up leather one as a winter outfit there will be no need for such unfashionable scarf displays in future:cool:

thanks Hels, will keep it in mind :wink:

The public demands scarf!


I’m new here…coming to London in March and I was wonderring if you could help me by telling me where I could buy this jacket in London?


Most branches of Infinity carry Frank Thomas kit, as does J&S Accessories at New Malden.

Hi just got your PM and have replied with the web link to the jacket! I got mine from the online store. Hope the link worked. Hels