Frank Thomas Raptor jacket and trousers for sale...

Ok folks, I am selling my Frank Thomas Raptor jacket and trousers for the bargain price of £140 for both! :)RRP is £160 for the jacket and £130 for the trousers, so this is a bargain! :wink:

They are nearly brand new condition, due to the fact that I only wore them about a dozen or so times!

They are size XXL, and have removable Anti-Freeze inners (incredible difference when it gets cold!).

Basically, they’ve been hung up on my wardrobe since I got my leathers in April last year, and so they have to go! Due to the time they have been just hanging there I will re-waterproof them, although I’ve never had a problem with them, even when we had incredibly bad rain on the way back from last years France trip! :slight_smile:

Pictures below, including me wearing them on the bike.





BUMP! :smiley:

BUMP! :smiley:

pm sent