France v Spain

Fantastic Equaliser !!

I’m just glad Villa scored - he’s in my dream team!

Surely France can’t win this, they’ve been playing cr*p and Spain have been very impressive…

Come on Spain!!! Can’t stand France

come on spain! ive got em in the sweepstake at work!!!

cmon you gunners !!!

is that the right team?


Goooooooooooooooal !!! France !!!..

7mins remaining and the sweepstakes down the crappa eh adam !!

Blimey, you’d have got awesome odds on that scoreline!

Great to see a ref who wasnt afraid to talk to the players instead of throwing yellow cards at them every five minutes, best game of the tournoment so far, congrats on Zidane for the final goal as well.

Looks like France are starting to peak.

Go on England


for sure…he did well…not swayed and gave it large verbal to the players too !!..I hope we have him in the final !!

personally i would have said argentina-mexico game has been the best so far

I am with Gixxer101 on this, Argentina Mexico has to be the best game so far. Shame they met then, Mexico could probably have gone a long way in the tournament.

Great game last night between the French and the Spanish. Personally I didn’t care who won, thought the Spanish would as they have been playing well and the French havn’t. Full credit to the French for getting the result though, now how are they going to fair in the next round?

I am half Spanish so i am GUTTED

Come on England

Can’t see France beating Brazil, though I thought they wouldn’t beat Spain.

Match-up of the tournament must be Argentina/Germany though, don’t you think? (And then obviously England/Germany in the final!)

Wahaaaay stunning performance by my home team and Zizou the hero Allez les bleus!!! BC2