France Trip Group Bookings Urgent Replys

Here is your last Chance to get on the France Trip Group booking For £20 as soon as the list hits 20 then im going to start collecting payment to book the trip as cant leave it for long

Im hoping to get the list full this week so then can make arrangements in meeting places for Payment for your fare here is a few details as follows but time is limited ignore the quote end date i have to do it by my date as i have to collect all moneys before the booking then ill be sending cheque which will take 4 working days till the booking is confirmed if any more people have to be added at a later stage after the booking this can be arranged but need 5 more people to go ahead with group booking otherwise we will have to make alternative arrangements in independantly booking ,which theres still loads of people who hasnt got back to me telling me how they would like to be booked

RIGHT people i have got group booking sorted so anyone who wants to go for group booking get in contact with me asap as ill need to take payment to book you in at the discount price of £20.00 each giving you a saving of £6.00 here is proof of the discount anyone will get reciepted as pre-payment untill all has payed

Thank you for your enquiry concerning your group booking. Eurotunnel offers the fastest, most reliable and easiest way to take your vehicle across the Channel and from the details you have provided we are pleased to quote you a price of :

£20.00 per Motorbike based on minimum 20 motorbikes travelling.

FOLKESTONE-CALAIS: 17/03/2007 08.20 £10.00

CALAIS-FOLKESTONE : 17/03/2007 21.20 £10.00

This equates to a significant reduction against our normal fares and also provides you with the additional benefits of: a fixed price for the quote period, amendable tickets and a dedicated team of specialists to help with your booking details and administration as part of the package.
This quote is valid until 08/02/2007 If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to go ahead and book please fill in the attached spreadsheet and forward it back to us.Please note we require full payment 4 weeks prior to travel, this can be paid either by cheque/Bank transfer/or one payment card.Upon clearance you will receive your full booking confirmation.

If you require extra bookings, we will be able to add this for you later.

Kind Regards


Remember this is for 20 bikes or for more i have reference numbers gaurteed for this trip but be quick as im not going to do it last minute only when i have got at least 20 down for group booking then ill collect payment for booking process then anyone who cancels their trip will not be able to get a refund so i got 15 people down for group booking just 5 more people down to be able to book the group ,you can start paying when the list has reached 20

Many thankks Clint

Contact me to be added on the group list and i will make further arrangments in getting the payments promto