France/Spain/Andorra, I'm home safe

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m back in one piece !

Fantastic holiday, fantastic roads, no wimmin (off season) and 1 severely balded Corsa and I’m back!

2700 miles in 9 days (we had 5 days resting/bike repairing etc), will post pics soon, missed you guys and missed Cubana’s/Ace etc, see you all tonight.


Nice one fella! Look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the pics…

Glad to have ya back

Good to see that you are home safe and sound after an epic journey.

Nice one, just got back meself can’t wait to see your pics etc


good to have ya back…

we’ll see ya tonight then???

Nice one bud. Was just wondering where you’d got. Andorra is just the bollox man.

Hey Dude… Glad to have you back in one peice…

Glad to have you welcome me back in one piece

Noone fell off, apart from me almost ditchin the Gix on a roundabout on some banding

Voulez vous couchez avec moi?


This tyre was taken from Tours to Le Havre to Portsmouth to London :o

how’s your neck?

what a great trip eh? nice one

Nice one. One serious mullered tyre!