France Rideout - Advice On Bookings etc etc

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Train Booking Tip
Please note the post says 8am out - 8pm back. If you try and book the 8am train or the 8pm return you will not get anything as they seem booked. However clikc to book the 6am / 6pm trains and it will give you the options to book the 7:58am and the 7:58pm trains.

Breakdown Insurance
For £12.99 they are offering ( bikes under 15 years old ) , breakdown and medical insurance. The breakdown is with the AA and English & French numbers are given. Also the £12,99 was a flat fee for 1 or two passengers.

You no longer need a green card to take your bike with you, but you will need to make sure you have EU cover on your insurance. I just called Bennett’s and found out I have 60 days included per year in my policy anyway BONUS !!! ( not bad for £104 J ) . Just remember to take your documents with you…

Anyone else got some advice ?

I just checked my booking and it let me book an 08:44 departure and a 21:33 rtn.

but you do have to check in about 30 min before your train time.

we need a list of whose going and what time they have booked .im 0828 out 21.33 return there time

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