France rideout 17/3/2007

this is for the tlb rideout to france

Right you guys and girls that are going can you please post here if you want to pay by group booking please as we need about 18 more bikews for a group booking

thanks in advance


If this is for the TLB france trip then yes, I’ll do the group paying thing.

OOpps - scrap my last post, I’ve just booked.

Was going to do the group booking but for the sake of £6 I’d rather do it myself than risk people changing their minds!!

Oooh, I’m excited now

Am still trying to convince ‘er in doors’ that letting me ride to france is the way to go!

She might not have much choice if i am up and out the door before she wakes up, or she wakes up to the noise of my exhaust as i am riding up the road!

oh come on - it will be a laugh.

Cahrlie, can u have a word with the weather god again for us?

Charlie, can u have a word with the weather god again for us?

Oh believe me, I want to go, but she is a nervous wreck when am riding in this country, let along another.

Might try and convince her to come with

even better It’d be good to meet mrs BigSV

She’s not a bike fan, and her first journey being a million miles long, she might not appreciate it, but I shall work on it.

only 12 people needed now

Ginge? can u let me know details on this? I havent looked on TLB? so will we be going with them? how do we book and where will we meet? how many of LBrs are interested or going apart from u,shewolf,charlie,and maybe bigSV?

08705 353535

Book Direct over the phone for online

Ta mate, just been pming with shewolf who gave me dates? im checking in work for who fancies going to? Maybe we could have a list of whos going? like



Charlybr600RR (and claire)?

Big SV?

Although booking direct is great for you personally, why not try this group booking thing, at least that way you can more or less ensure that we will all try and get the same train? There are over 40 peeps doing this, at least try to work as a team from the off??

Also, see my last post here, there seems to be a little confusion around group bookings and whether Ginge is doing a separate one to TLB (if so again, why not try working at 1 team instead of 2?)

Blade look on the other thread, you can see on the list that there are a few LB’ers going.

Matt, LittlemissT etc… etc…

Thats what i mean? are we doing this with TLB or just us lot but sort of meet them (or not) when we get there? dont know but whats the info we have on this one? I dont know many on TLB not that its any diff, but i suppose u stick with who u know? So i would like to know how many of “us” will be going?..(i say “us” cos they seem to say that on TLB when referring to LB?) no other reason.

We need some sort of idea if we are just meeting some place and going down to folkestone and times etc…and then meeting up with the TLB lot down there…OR do we meet with the TLB lot and go as a group? (personally, as i said i would prefer to meet up with u guys) but will go with the flow?

I dont know what happened but i just saw a post about other people already booked, but then it disappeared?


If you take a look at the list of people going in rideouts you’ll see the names you know on there. Peeps who are also on TLB have mostly kept the same user name.

It’s just a big leisurely day out. There are 3 meeting places - all of which have TLB and LB members meeting there.

Please look in the ride out section for info. Ginger started this thread only to highlight the option of a group booking!

Blade, its a case of meeting at the the list which Yam (Clint) has supplied. I’m going with a Mate who lives near me and meeting everyone at the place. This is not because I’m not wanting to ride with others but just wanting to sleep in and you need to check in by 7:50am .

As for the ride over in France I think everyone (both sites) has agreed that Barro’s plan was best (depending on weather) and we would all go the same way.

As for me I’m looking forward to this trip as it will be a good pratice ride in Europe for a friend of mine who is new to biking. She has a big trip to Spain after and the France ride will be a good starting point