France Re-union: Routes and things

The previous posts and now the route (gdb format) and printable jpgs of the route are available at:

Leg 1 (Shuttle to Le Touquet) is 47 miles (77 from Maidstone, so top-up there everyone!).
Leg 2 (LeTouquet to Hesdin) is 35 miles
Leg 3 (Hesdin to the Shuttle) is 54 miles

Work out where you need to re-fuel, and only do it when you have to. Apart from Terry-Moto (and possibly Ginger) it looks like finding your own time to re-fuel in Le Touquet will be the answer. Terry will need a top-up in Hesdin for certain for the final leg, and can the re-fuel in Folkstone on the way home.

So a total (assuming no major detours) of 136 miles En France.

Bring euro cash for fuel and lunch.

I am planning on getting back to the Shuttle then bombing off to Adinkerke in Belgium for baccy/ciggie supplies.

If anyone needs the route in another format for their GPS, ask and I hope someone can convert for you.

This will be posted elsewhere.


thanks jim, damn well organised…not massive mileage though…we have 12 hours in France, so that will be an hours riding and the rest ?

We don’t use motorways you know :wink:

He thinks he’s on the track :hehe:

ah tel…now I see, its a circuit, and we are going to go around it ten times so that no one gets lost and we can pick up any stragglers on the way round…good idea…

Don’t forget your tyre warmers if you think there’s going to be alot of time sitting around :smiley:

Oi Turrets did you know you can say FleshMonsters and Wizards…your be well away :wink:

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